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“Like über-producer/recording artiste Daniel Lanois, he's adept at seamlessly blending French and English lyrics with tasteful, sun-dappled sonics.”

-- Barbara Mitchell, The Portland Oregonian, Portland, OR

"... Kaiser is leading a bit of a Francophone resurgence in town, and it's one you don't need a beret to dig."

-- Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week, Portland, OR

“Eric John Kaiser's 2009 CD release 'French Troubadour' contains a full spectrum of great old style pop/rock songs, expertly written and delivered with engaging storytelling.”

-- Zaph Mann, OPB Music, Portland, OR

“Seeing as we've managed to snag these continental talents, let's enjoy 'em!”

-- Cary Clarke, The Portland Mercury, Portland, OR

“Kaiser's smoky singing voice is full of the rich, throaty vowels of his native language. In some songs, accordion, trumpet and organ provide a European tone, while in others, guitar bridges the difference between the two worlds.”

-- Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly, Boise, ID

"My own reaction probably provides the strongest endorsement. After listening to the EP, I immediately acquired the rest of Kaiser's material. That doesn't happen very often"

-- Cameron Rasmusson, The Independent, Missoula, MT

"The idea of a French Troubadour mixing acoustic singer-songwriter styles with hip-hop rhythms while alternating between French and English lyrics is intriguing if nothing else"

-- Pat Muir, Yakima Herald, Wa

"Kaiser's music spans two worlds"

-- Greg Mellen, Press Telegraph, Long Beach, CA

Eric John Kaiser, un talentueux "Troubadour" franco-américain installé à Portland.

-- France Amérique, USA

Eric John Kaiser promène depuis quatre ans ses chansons folk-rock de par le monde (France, Australie, Hong Kong, Etats-Unis).

-- 20 Minutes, France


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  • Mar 30
    Pub Pit Caribou,  Percé
  • Mar 31
    Brise Bise,  Gaspé
  • Apr 20
    The Hoppy Brewer,  Gresham
  • Apr 22
    McMenamins Hotel Oregon,  McMinnville

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